Bangladesh Finance launches 'Bijoy' to support women entrepreneurs

Bangladesh Finance has established a platform called ‘Bijoy’, which is a one-of-a-kind and comprehensive financial solution for female entrepreneurs, allowing them to achieve their ambitious goals. Bijoy began with the presentation of a cheque for 20 lacs to a female entrepreneur. Bangladesh’s journey over the last fifty years has been filled with both unexpected and amazing developments. The economic revolution of the country has been mostly driven by social reforms, which were sparked by women’s empowerment.
Women’s contributions to business increased significantly in recent years, said a press release. Husne Ara Shikha, General Manager of Bangladesh Bank’s SME & Special Program Department, graced the Inauguration as chief guest. “I am thrilled to be a part of this endeavor as well as to visit Bangladesh Finance personally.
The team’s general demeanor indicates that they are on a mission to reach new heights. It’s also worth noting that a loan can be secured for 4% interest. To make that possible, Bangladesh Finance used an innovative approach of cutting the cost of financing. I hope that as a result of this initiative, more women will be able to get a loan with no collateral and no hassle,” she said during her speech.
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