Bangladesh Finance works to change country’s financial landscape

Bangladesh Finance is providing a one-stop solution to all investment difficulties in the country and has contributed to the economic well-being of over 10,000 households and the growth of innumerable businesses.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh Finance has been maintaining solid capital and increasing net profit, read a press release.

Bangladesh Finance’s portfolio includes not just corporate and commercial segments, but also SMEs, retail, and corporates. The new slogan, “Ekhoni Shomoy,” has indicated a variety of modifications and new initiatives, signalling the development of this sector.

To contribute to the growth of their business, they came up with “Bijoy”, through which they wish to ensure they in achieving sustainable growth.

Bangladesh Finance issued the first zero-coupon bond of 200 crores, also achieved the lowest ever NPL rate of 3.19% in its history.

It has just made history by financing a life sketch of Bangabandhu in New York Times Square.

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